Update on High Water Conditions: June 22, 2024

The City of Biwabik and our consultants are working closely with the DNR, St Louis County Emergency Management personnel, our neighboring communities, and elected officials on a course of action to remove the blockage in the diversion channel that is contributing to the rising water levels on Wynne/Sabin Lakes. The material needs to be removed, but we also have to consider the downstream effects of releasing that water into an already rising Embarrass Lake. The back-up/bottleneck issues continue well past Embarrass Lake also.


There is a contractor staging equipment over the weekend (the same contractor is working on reconnecting and reinforcing our utility lines near the Giants Ridge Road), but we need to get the DNR’s approval for a plan to release that blockage safely. We are working towards being able to remove material starting Monday morning, but we really need to understand the potential upstream and downstream effects of our plan.


We will continue to meet this weekend to assess the situation and formulate a plan.


We have notified Embarrass Lake residents of the potential for a significant amount of water, and they have organized neighborhood efforts to protect their properties.


Sandbags and sand are available in locations on the east side of Wynne/Sabin Lake, on the south shore of Embarrass Lake and at the Biwabik Public Works Building. Please contact Fire Chief Dan Mackey if you need assistance: (218) 750-7535


We are asking everyone to please stay away from the washout area and the diversion channel. The ground is very unstable, and it is NOT safe for anyone to be in the area. We are also asking anyone that may be boating on the lake to consider it a “no-wake” zone to minimize erosion.