Update on High Water Conditions: June 25, 2024

At approximately 1:00 PM today, contractors removed the debris that was obstructing water floo over the dam between Wynne and Embarrass Lake. With the removal of the debris, we are finding a small increase in water flow.


It appears that the area where the water was flowing the most has now been lowered by removing the obstruction thus creating a more even flow of water.


The Gilbert Police Department is monitoring the water in several locations, and we are seeing positive news.


From 8:00AM on Monday June 24 to 4:00PM on Tuesday June 25 (8 hours), we saw the following changes:


  • Minnesota Power Substation Bridge: Insufficient Data
  • Sabin Lake: 3 inches down
  • Wynne Lake: 3 inches down
  • Lake Embarrass: 2 inches down
  • Cedar Island Lake: 1 inch down
  • Lake Eshquaguma: No Change



We are again strongly urging everyone to stay clear of the washout area and the diversion channel as well as refrain from operating boats on these waters. This area is not safe for the public to access by any means.



Jeff Jacobson

City Administrator