Boil Water Advisory for Giants Ridge Area Has Been Removed

The Boil Water Advisory has been lifted for the annexed area on the northeast side of Biwabik. Water customers within the advisory area can return to consuming water as normal after completing these precautionary measures.

While there was never any confirmation of contamination of the water supply, the City of Biwabik issued a Boil Water Advisory as a necessary precaution. We apologize for all of the inconveniences this situation has caused. However, ensuring a clean water supply was critical since the safety of our citizens was our highest priority.

Boil Water Advisory Lifted for the Giants Ridge Area in Biwabik

What To Do After a Boil Water Advisory Has Ended

When a homeowner is notified that the boil water advisory has ended and the drinking water supply is safe, the following actions need to be taken before you consume the water.

  1. Flush household pipes and faucets. Run each cold-water faucet for five minutes or until the water is noticeably colder.
  2. Throw away any existing ice. If you have an icemaker, flush the feed lines and throw away the first new bin of ice.
  3. Flush hot water heaters, water coolers, and any other water storage container. Flush with at least one full tank volume.
  4. Clean water softeners and filters following the manufacturer’s instructions. Replace Disposable filters.

Where do I go for more information?

For more information, call The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 or the Minnesota Department of Health’s Drinking Water Protection Program at 651-201-4700.